Encryption – Way to protect your information


Internet has changed the life of people in each way how they lead it. It has changed the way of learning, shopping and many more. While we use internet, every activities of people along with our identity and location are carried from one source to other. During this process we people think that they are safe. But they are not! We generally send lot of information and during this activity we share every detail of us.

Protect your information

For example, when we do shopping online, our information like name addresses and bank details like credit card and debit card information are shared to the seller. Since all the personal information is shared through internet, some important steps have to be taken to avoid any malpractice and ensure the confidentiality of data. As of the news update, it is said that cyber crime activities are ranging to be high with the technology advancements. So to safeguard the private details and other confidential information, encryption is applied. Encryption is the study of hiding original information through a protocol. It scrambles the data based on the cryptography technique by using key that can only be decrypted from the end user using the key.

This encryption is divided into two based on the way they are encrypted and decrypted in cryptosystem. Thus the two type of encryption are

  • Asymmetric key encryption
  • Symmetric key encryption

Asymmetric key encryption

This encryption process includes two different key for encryption and decryption of text. Even though the keys are different, they use the same logic. For instance when a user sends an information, he/she has to find the end user public key, then the information is encrypted using the publics key. To receive the information, end user needs to use his/her private key to decrypt the information. Though they have different keys, logically their way is similar. This key is mainly used through emails and other digital sign information.  SSL and TSL are the examples for public key encryption.

Symmetric key encryption

In this encryption method, same keys are used by sender and receiver. This process is easier and use of same key makes the encryption and decryption faster than asymmetric process. So people who use symmetric key encryption method need to share their key details prior to information sharing. But the drawback of this method is trust issue because of same key sharing between both users.

As explained, encryption is not only for information that is shared through internet they can be applicable for information that are held in your system or any storage devices. Due to the rise in cyber crime activity, encryption is becoming more essential for computer users to protect information from not getting into the wrong hands.