the help of professional probate solicitors

Probate Solicitors: What They Do and When You Need Them


While losing a loved one is inherently tragic, the stress is often amplified by the many legal issues that follow, especially if you run into complications. Oftentimes probate isn’t entirely necessary but involving a solicitor can potentially expedite the process and will certainly be an asset during times of dispute.

Why Hire a Solicitor?

While it’s true that an executor or another individual can offer the will for probate, oftentimes the probate is a greater risk of rejection if not completed by a professional. Solicitors will better ensure that probate is successful and be able to identify issues or areas of concern that may hinder the progress of the probate; of course, if there are existing issues, a solicitor will have the answers and offer the most appropriate route.

the help of professional probate solicitorsProbate situations are often time-sensitive so it can be important to have a professional close who understands the process to ensure that deadlines aren’t missed.

When to Seek a Solicitor?

Probate is one thing but there are a number of issues associated with it that may call for a solicitor to step in. You may need to enlist the help of professional probate solicitors in any of the following scenarios.

  • The estate’s value exceeds the inheritance tax threshold or the estate is still seeing a regular income where taxes are due.
  • The person never had a will in the first place.
  • People are doubting the will’s validity.
  • Individuals left out of the will attempt to claim the estate.
  • Assets are being held in a trust.
  • The estate is bankrupt.
  • The estate is falsely bankrupt.
  • The estate includes foreign assets or properties

Individual situations may vary and unique circumstances may certainly arise. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation where the outcome is unclear or if there exists a general unrest among the people involved, it could also be wise to seek a solicitor for safety.

Dealing with the Legal Process

Generally speaking, the legal process is often complicated and it’s easy to get lost or not fully understand a situation. Solicitors who have a deep understanding of the process ensure that you don’t miss important details and they can tailor their strategies to fit your situation.

A probate solicitor can simplify the process quite dramatically as well as protect the interests of the executor if necessary. They handle many of the technical details and court filings required and they are there to answer any questions you might have.

If you are having trouble with probate or simply need legal advice for whatever reason, having a probate solicitor close can be beneficial whether you need advice or a guide throughout the process.