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PracticePanther is one of the leading firms in law sector that was developed by two partners who built management software that is accessible on any mobile device, tablet and computer by lawyers worldwide. The law practitioners then worked hard to let their customers access their law products and services on real time which led to creation of PracticePanther that is today top line management software providing user interface that is easy to use, intuitive and user friendly.  Now track their best features, documentation templates, online payments and many more.

Since its invention this law practice management software is fully functional all across the world over 170 countries with tens of thousands of legal professionals and is accessible in 6 languages (such as Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, German and Russian) as a deserved UI update that supports the new international attorneys.

Salient Features of Practice Panther: law practice management software

  1. They are successfully functional all across the world and reachable on any mobile device, laptop and tablet with legal mobile apps for an attorney that is 100% safe and secure to reach on anytime.
  2. For better user interface this management software is translated in 6 different languages.
  3. They offer 30 day free trial promise where in case the customer is not satisfied with their software programs can text an email and access their money back.
  4. The clients can access them as central point for all their files to perform documentation even when offline.
  5. This legal software provides wonderful opportunity to assign tasks to their coworkers that are pending or incomplete to manage the events on real time and for better workflow.
  6. PracticePanther allows its clients to consolidate their calendars and emails to their one central software where they can share, invite and organize meetings with their team.
  7. Their client portal is amazing which allows them to view their invoices, earlier payments, manage their trust and mode of operations to check the balance in their accounts.
  8. PracticePanther is built on best law practice management software that can sync with any apps such as Zapier, Quickbooks etc and integrates with them to switch even easier.
  9. Access their intake forms available on their website which are embedded with drag and drop editor box as when the client completes the filling process it passes on the entire information automatically to the PracticePanther.
  10. They are the best and offer every possible feature to meet their client expectations and perform CRM, Billing, Communication and Integration in well organized manner without any hassles.


Be it any legal problem approach Practice Panther to get it solved as they have amazing management software to reach the client instantly and get solved your problems accordingly.  If you want some more information then please reach them on their helpline number or drop an email or visit their official site to stay in touch with their legal practitioners.