A timeline of OJ


The trial of OJ Simpson was one of the most famous criminal trials in US history and below we’ll take a little look back on this and the key moments involved in the crime and subsequent trial.

June 12, 1994

In the middle of the World Cup, being held in America for the first time, the bodies of Nicole Simpson, OJ’s ex wife and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman are found dead at her house.

June 17, 1994

One of the most famous moments of this whole story. A live car chase between police and OJ is broadcast on television stations all over the world, as OJ one of the most famous Americans at the time seems to think it’s plausible to hide from police and get away with the crime he is accused of.  It ends with the arrest of Simpson and he is charged for the two murders.

Sept 26, 1994

One of the biggest trials in US history begins with over 200 jurors turning up for duty. According to these criminal lawyers in Sydney, racial injustice and discrimination has begun to take centre stage in the country and it becomes much more than a trial about a man who has been said to have killed his wife. At this stage, it has turned into a fight between black and white, the minority vs the majority.

Jan 30, 1995

The case begins to take shape with Johnnie Cochran, the lead attorney for Simpson starting off by criticising the handling of the case by the LAPD. They were said to have contaminated evidence continuously as underqualified police officers were left doing a job they shouldn’t have been. With this all said, the mountain of evidence against Simpson should have been enough for Simpson to have been put behind bars.

Feb 12, 1995

In a step that has rarely happened through court history, the jurors and lawyers for both sides took a tour of key locations in the trial including Simpson’s house and the crime scene. On the side of the prosecution, it was hoped that the jurors would see how small an area that murders were committed in, cementing the fact that it could have been done by one, rather than two people. While on the other side, the defence used the visit to OJ’s house as a way to put jurors face to face with the positive aspects of Simpson’s life including his football achievements.

March and April, 1995

Two separate members of the LAPD force, a police officer and a criminalist admit that there were errors made in the investigation which could have led to evidence being tampered with at the crime scene.

June 15, 1995

According to Papa Hughes, one of the most crucial days in this case and what made for gripping television. In a mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life, the prosecuting lawyer asks OJ Simpson to try on the gloves that he had apparently committed the murders in. Months on from the day of the murder, the leather gloves had shrivelled and dried, Simpson stood up to put his hand in them and declared them too tight.

Sept 28, 1995

After months of arguments, it was time for both sides to make their closing statements. Johnnie Cochrane issued the immortal line about the glove, “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit”.

October 2, 1995

Somehow, with all the evidence pointing to Simpson committing the murder, and with both sides seeing only one result, the jury come back less than 24 hours after the start of deliberations and declare the Simpson is not guilty. The result was celebrated around the country by members of the African American community as a landmark moment.