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David Serna Attorney Talks about How Criminal Defense Lawyers Help People


Any person facing criminal charges would require a good criminal defense lawyer for them.  Good criminal defense lawyers like David Serna Attorney provide great assistance to their clients and have the capacity to win high-profile cases on their behalf. David Serna is an extremely prominent lawyer based in Albuquerque region of the New Mexico state and has several years of experience in the domain of criminal law.

David Serna Attorney Discusses the Need of Good Defense Strategy:

The criminal justice system of America is considered to be a three-part system, featuring the jury and a judge, the prosecutor and the defense lawyer.  Each of the elements of the criminal justice system has their own role to play. David Serna Attorney mentions that the role of defense lawyers especially becomes important in criminal cases due to their extreme severity level. David Serna has been providing his expert defense counsel to the people of Albuquerque in New Mexico for many years now.  Expert criminal defense attorneys like him are able to efficiently analyze evidence and cases for weaknesses and errors, while formulating crime defense strategies. They commonly draft defense strategies that can be used to argue the reduction of charges, case dismissal, etc.

David Serna Attorney underlines that the factors that drive the best defense strategy for a case include:

1. Witness credibility and testimony

2. The explanation of the defendant on what happened and why

3. Physical evidence and Provable facts

4. Police errors, credibility, and reports

David Serna Attorney

5. Third-party reports, expert and testimony

6. Penal code charge and the needed crime elements that have to be proved

7. The strategy and history of the criminal prosecutor

8. The history of the judge and judicial precedent

Good and experienced defense lawyers like David Serna Attorney evaluate the criminal charges of their clients, analyzes the evidence available and subsequently provides the defendants with a realistic evaluation of their case prospects. They provide reliable advice on what further steps to take in order to progress in a case.

After carefully evaluating and accessing the charges, witness accounts, police reports, and other important elements, the defense lawyers can draft the best possible criminal defense strategy suited for the facts specific to the case. Based on these facts, these professionals decide whether to fight the charges in a trial, get the case dismissed or to negotiate a reduction in charges.

The defense lawyer recommends negotiating charges only in the scenario when the chances of winning the case are pretty low. In such scenarios they try to negotiate with the district attorney to reduce the charges, or to minimize the potential consequences or sentencing. In certain cases, they might even negotiate a case dismissal. It is prudent that people try to hire an experienced lawyer like David Serna Attorney for their case. These experienced professionals know the district attorney pretty well, and hence are able to negotiate a good deal with them.

Criminal law is an extremely complex and convoluted body of federal and state legislation, and hence people would surely require the assistance of a good defense attorney when faced with any charges of crime.