Notary services

Why Would I Need A Notary?


Notaries are the oldest branch of the legal profession in England and Wales who provide a distinct and specialist service. Understanding the capacity in which a notary works could help you benefit from one of the ranges of services they offer.

What is a notary?

Notaries, who are also qualified solicitors, are certified to hold a public office and perform a role which is internationally recognised. They draft, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and documents that can be used in the UK or internationally, for both private individuals and corporate clients.

Notaries in England and Wales abide by similar rules as solicitors and must be fully insured, complying with rules of conduct stipulated by their overseeing authority, The Faculty Office.



Which services does a notary provide?

Notary services are concerned with the authentication and verification of documents and information that will be used both in the UK and internationally. This means they can be involved in a broad range of commercial, legal and personal services, including:

  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigrations or for applying for work abroad, including passports and educational qualifications
  • Setting up a business abroad
  • Certifying the identity of a company or its officers for private or public sector bodies or regulators abroad
  • Notarising the execution of documentation to purchase land or other assets abroad
  • Notarising copies of company documents
  • Notarising powers of attorney relating to the conduct of business, property transactions or court proceedings abroad
  • Authenticating the signature and execution of documents by an individual or on behalf of a company
  • Verifying the contents of documents and facts recited
  • Taking declarations, affidavits and oaths
  • Authenticating foreign wills and providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • Bringing or defending a court case in another country,
  • Obtaining appropriate legalisation from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Foreign Embassies and Chamber of Commerce

How Notaries Work

The notary’s work can be very detailed. They need to be sure of the identity of the client. They need to check that the client has the capacity and authority to enter into the proposed transaction and that they understand any document they will be bound by.

Once the notary is satisfied, their signature verifies that the necessary checks have been completed and the documents adequately signed. This work is integral to conducting international transactions.

Notaries and GSC Solicitors

Our notaries at GSC will discuss what you need to achieve and confirm how best to proceed. This is to ensure you meet the requirements of UK law and the law of the land in which your business will take place. They often have to deal with cases as a matter of urgency.

At GSC our team applies specialist knowledge and vast experience to support clients in all aspects of notary services. If you have an issue about which you need to speak to one or our notaries, please contact us.