3 Reasons Why You Should Seek Assistance from a Conveyancing Lawyer


If you’re never bought a house before, then the whole process can seem like it’s happening in another language – frequently, the language of legalese. If you want to understand what’s going on at every stage, you’ll need an interpreter and an advisor. This is a role that a conveyancer in Melbourne can play.However, not all conveyancers are the same. Some conveyancers are qualified to have a detailed knowledge of property law only, meaning they’re not fully qualified lawyers. On the other hand, a conveyancing lawyer is a qualified lawyer who not only has a detailed knowledge of property law, but a broad knowledge of all kinds of law. This article will detail the top three reasons why you should seek assistance from a conveyancing lawyer.

They’re More Qualified

As mentioned above, there are conveyancers and then there are conveyancing lawyers. You want to get yourself a conveyancing lawyer because they’re more qualified, and they have a broader knowledge of the law. Why is this important? If you’re going through a separation or a divorce, that could impact the timing of your purchase. A lawyer conveyancer in Melbourne can warn you of things like this as they know all areas of the law and how they intersect, and they can apply that knowledge to what’s happening in your life in all its aspects, including personal and business.

They’re Across All Legal Matters

If you don’t speak legalese fluently, then you need someone on your team who does – such as a lawyer conveyancer in Melbourne who is thoroughly experienced in property transactions. Your conveyancing lawyer should be part guideand part practical teacher as they steer you down the road to home ownership and help you to understand what’s happening at every step of the way. There will be lots of documentation and places to sign, but your lawyer will be right there to ensure you’re doing all the right things in the right places.

They Can Easily Spot Red Flags

Buying your first property can be stressful, and you might not want to deal with all the paperwork involved. It can get easy to just sign your life away without reading all the fine print. But that’s where a conveyancing lawyer can help. They will read through the contract with their trained and professional eyes and find anything that looks like a red flag. Any clauses in your Contract of Sale that don’t work in your best interest will be questioned and amended. Your lawyer conveyancer in Melbourne can also go into bat for you if there are any issues with not only the contract, but any other related issues such as house inspections, encroachments and encumbrances. If your lawyer is constantly having to renegotiate things with the seller, they may advise you to leave the table and find another house to buy instead. This insight is crucial, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of having a lawyer conveyancer in Melbourne on your side.