Immigration lawyer when facing deportation or removal procedures



If you don’t want to deal with your immigration problems on your own, contact an immigration lawyer in Ottawa, ON,and he will be by your side through every step of the process. The lawyers in the firm are pleased to be able to offer individuals local help. A lawyer at the Pilkington Law Firm in Ottawa, Ontario, is available to assist you with all of your main immigration issues at your earliest convenience.

Only a member of the Law Society of Ontario licensed to practice law may represent you in any immigration appeal. They hear far too many tales of individuals who put their faith in ‘visa agents,’ who then flee as soon as their Canada visa application is denied. No matter whether your visa application must be appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division or before a Canadian court, they can assist you in reaching a satisfactory resolution.

When anything goes wrong with a visa application, you can always count on the legal team to assist you. If your application has been denied, for example, hiring an immigration attorney is the most effective method to appeal the decision in your favor. Suppose you hire an attorney to prepare your application. In that case, you may reduce the likelihood of your application being rejected by ensuring that you have all of the necessary information to increase your chances of accepting your application.

Defense Against Deportation

The process of deportation starts with the issuance of a removal order, which orders a person who is not a citizen to leave the country. The government issues these orders in three distinct variations. The main distinction is the amount of time that someone must be out of the nation, ranging from 30 days to indefinitely.

Immigration Lawyers meet with clients considering immigrating, ideally before they begin the migration process, to brief them about the procedure and tell them of the preliminary papers that they must acquire before starting the migration process. They assist them throughout the whole system, filling out paperwork and checking them for mistakes before submitting them to the appropriate immigration authority.

If the applicant for immigration has been convicted of a felony, they will need to consult with an immigration attorney to complete their application. The applicant is required to reveal their full criminal history, even charges that were subsequently dismissed or erased from their record.


The services of an immigration attorney are available to people at every stage of the immigration process. They can determine what kind of visa a person will need to enter the country lawfully and may assist with preparing the required papers.