sexual harassment in California

Understanding sexual harassment in California


Workplace safety is important to every employee. Although unlawful under federal and California state laws, workplace discrimination is a real concern. Discrimination on basis of sex/gender, religion, disability, sexual preferences, national origin, or race should not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is one of the more serious concerns, and contrary to what some people believe, both men and women have experienced this work. In this post, we are sharing some basic details related to sexual harassment in California.

The basics

harassment at workplace

There are two categories of sexual harassment in California. Needless to mention, both are unwelcome and unlawful.

  1. The first one is called Quid pro quo. This refers to situations, when supervisors, or those in the position of power and authority, demands sexual favors from employees. For example, your supervisor may have promised a promotion, if you choose to sleep with them. To prove Quid pro quo sexual harassment, you must be able to prove that you work for the company and the supervisor has made sexual advances. As a result of that, you may have been made to work in an environment, where working conditions are contingent. You must prove that you have suffered because of the person’s conduct. Asking for sexual favors in such cases can be either explicit or implied.
  2. The second kind of sexual harassment refers to hostile work environment. For instance, if your supervisor is passing unwelcome comments or conducting themselves in a way to create an uneasy situation for you, this is a case of hostile work environment. Employees working in a hostile work environment often have to deal with regular or occasional issues.

Do you need to call an attorney?

Just because you believe that you have suffered sexual harassment at work doesn’t always mean you have a case. That may sound rather disheartening, but to sue your company or employer, you have to prove the sexual harassment case. Consider meeting an attorney if you believe that your case is strong enough, and only after you have some evidence of your claims. Most of the top attorneys in California offer free initial consultation for employees who have suffered sexual harassment at work, and you can get an evaluation of your case.

Don’t step back because you are up against your employee. If you don’t stand up for your rights, no one else will, and a good sexual harassment lawyer can always help. You should call an attorney as soon as you have endured any form of harassment at workplace.