Busting Myths about Car Insurances

Busting Myths about Car Insurances


Several individuals have several misconceptions about car insurance. Due to this, they do even care to renew or use it if their car has suffered any damages. This is a very wrong practice to do based on the wrong misconception we have regarding car insurance. Although car insurance can be difficult to compensate for, it is possible. An auto accident attorney in Waterbury can help you get fairly compensated if you have been in an accident.

Below, we have listed some of the most common misconceptions people have regarding car insurance, and we will also be explaining them for your simplicity.

Myth#01: The fees for a red colored car are more than any other car.

This is one of the most common myths individuals will hear about when they get a car. The car’s insurance is not decided based on its color but based on the model, type of the car, and the package you have purchased for insurance of your car.

Myth#02: Insurance Companies will deny your claim every time.

This is the second most common myth that an individual will hear. This statement is entirely false. Your case needs to be strong and 100% documented for it to be sanctioned. There are several instances where insurance companies have provided what they promised to the customers. Your file is only rejected when any one of the policies has been violated or does not satisfy a pre-defined condition.


Myth#03: The insurance company would cover your insurance if your car is stolen.

If your car has been stolen or lost, your insurance will not bear its expenses and will give you a brand-new car. Insurance companies do compensate for lost or stolen goods, as this can happen because of your own carelessness. Insurance companies will deny the claim immediately if you file for a stolen car.

Myth#04: The Cheapest Insurance Package will be suitable for me.

Several individuals have this misconception that the cheapest or the lowest insurance package can cover all the damages you will be born with. Some certain clauses and policies only insure the external body of your car and not the internal parts of the car. Different packages cover the entire car and will provide you with compensation accordingly.

There are several more myths that you will come across. Before you start to believe in anything, you must do your research and consult your attorney and the insurance company regarding it. All the policies you agree upon must be manually questioned and checked by your attorney.