Do you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Texas?

Do you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Texas?


If you live in Texas and are contemplating divorce, you should know that there is a mandatory waiting period of 60 days in the state. That is the minimum time that one would need to wait, provided it is an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse agree to dissolve the marriage amicably, it would be an uncontested divorce as long as both agree on all aspects, such as child custody and child support. Of course, things can be drastically different in the real world, and the process can take longer. The question is whether or not you should engage the services of an attorney. Below you can learn more about the need for legal counsel.

Expertise counts

There are thousands of articles on the internet that talk about divorce laws in Texas, and as someone who wants to get done with the legal process soon, you may think you know enough. The truth is divorces are often complex, and even when you plan to get an uncontested divorce, you will need an experienced attorney to advise you on your interests.

Paperwork Made Easy

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The pile of paperwork involved in getting a divorce can be overwhelming for any layman. Any mistake in the documents can delay the process by months. This is one of the prime reasons to have a lawyer on your side. The idea is to ensure that the documentation and filing work is done right, and lawyers are capable of ensuring everything is done as per the state laws.

Minimize the Stress

Considering the process and work involved, you may feel stressed about the divorce, and that’s absolutely okay. While your divorce lawyer cannot offer the support that a therapist can, they know how to protect your rights and handle the legal aspects so that you can focus on your life. You can expect to deal with the decision at an emotional level, considering everything else is being taken care of.

Handle the tough situations

Whether you are dealing with child custody or need alimony from your spouse, these are things to discuss with someone with legal knowledge. Lawyers are also important if you decide to go for mediation. The mediator is supposed to be a neutral party, and if you don’t have an attorney to represent your side, you are on your own, and that can backfire at times as you may know what to do next.

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