Construction Sites Accident Attorneys in New York City

Construction Sites Accident Attorneys in New York City


In recent times, the construction industry in New York City has shown tremendous growth. This has led to a rise in the number of construction accidents happening in New York. A report released by Crain’s New York Business points out that the year 2018 registered the highest number of construction accidents since the starting of the 2008 downturn. In 2019 alone, more than 287 injuries and five demises were reported. This shows that a refresher course on construction safety and stop work authority regulations should be done. Also, according to statistics, the number of injuries and fatalities in the New York construction industry has significantly increased in the year 2014 compared to 2013. This is associated with the fact that it’s during this time that the construction industry experienced its first boom after several years of economic downturn. According to a News report, the number of construction permits issued also has significantly increased with the year 2018, recording the highest number of permits issued. While a booming construction industry is a great achievement for the entire New York City economy, the cost of all this is very high. If the construction accident harms are to be averted, then the government must do something about it.

Who should be held responsible for these construction accidents?

Statistics show that many people have died in the line of duty and some left with permanent disabilities as a result of construction site accidents. However, the big question is, who should be held responsible? It is crucial to determine whether an employee engaged by your employer is or the third party is responsible for your injuries. Your injuries could also be caused by negligence by your coworkers. Nonetheless, the third party could be wholly or partly be held responsible for this. The third-party includes the owners of the property, independent contractors, sub-contractors, engineers and architects, vendors to mention but just a few. If negligence on the part of any of these parties caused the injuries, then NY attorney specializing in construction accidents may help you file charges against the responsible party. In this case, you can get compensated for the financial, physical, and psychological reparations.

Common Types of Construction Site Accident Injuries

Whatever the type or degree of your injuries, a good construction accident NY attorney can help you. This can go a long way in identifying your legal rights, thus enabling you to pursue optimum compensation possible. The majority of the construction workers suffer injuries such as:

  • Soft Tissue injuries
  • Amputations
  • Knee Injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and bone fractures
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Hearing Loss
  • Eye Injuries
  • Burn Injuries.

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All these construction accident injuries are associated with construction accident scenarios such as:

Hazardous Construction Sites –The constructor is responsible for providing his workforce with safe work sites. When they fail to do this, then they would be held accountable for all your injuries. At times, another party who is not your employer may be responsible for certain accidents. In such a case, the complainant may use the third-party liability claim to seek compensation.

Ladder Accidents and Scaffolding –Workers in construction sites at times work at very high heights, including on upper floors of skyscrapers, on ladders, scaffolding to mention but just a few. In this case, if you suffer an accident from any of this, then engage the best NY attorney to push your case.

Explosions, Fires, and Burns –At times, construction requires workers to handle flammable substances, which exposes them to several life-threatening risks. Mishandling of these materials, poor storage, or even wrong transportation medium leads to increased risk of fires and explosions, which can cause severe and scarring burns.

Falling Objects –This is one of the most prevalent construction accidents that workers are exposed to. It involves construction workers being struck by falling materials, debris, or equipment.

Dangerous Machinery –Almost all construction sites there is heavy construction machinery. These pieces of machinery required to be maintained appropriately, and workers were trained on how to operate them. A poorly trained employee or a faulty machine can bring about serious machinery accidents. In this case, the constructor is held responsible for these accidents.

Construction Site Accidents Attorneys

If you or your loved one has gone through a severe construction accident damages, it’s your right to seek compensation. In this case, hiring NY attorneys specializing in construction site accidents will go a long way in helping you get justice.