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Why You Should Not File For Divorce


Do your absolute best to save your marriage before considering a divorce. There are lots of couples who have struggled but succeeded. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. You should strive to maintain a happy marriage no matter what happens. Marriage is not only about the good times and all the enjoyment of married life. It also includes all the bad times and the obstacles you need to pass together. Divorce may be a constant threat to some. But it is the only hope for others. Read on if you are still undecided and wondering whether you should get a divorce. Here are some of the reasons why you should not do so.

Hurts your children.

Consider the welfare of your children before thinking about yourself. Think about how divorce will affect them. Their lives will never be the same. A child’s world may get shattered once their parents get separated. Divorce or no divorce. It will affect their growth and the foundation of their being. Most children of divorced parents become anxious and undergo troubles. This includes drug abuse, mental health issues, and academic struggles. They will feel pressured to choose between the two people they love the most. No matter how you look at it, divorce hurts them. Unless the other parent abuses them, do not get a divorce.

Emotional devastation.

Divorce devastates most people. It destroys our dreams and hopes we had when we decided to get married. It is the ultimate rejection. We are either rejecting the one we love the most or he/she rejects us. It is a silent pain but it is very real. Some people grieve the loss of the relationship for years. They refuse any further relationships. Some get over it in a quick span of time and even enter a second marriage. Most people are never the same after a divorce. Either you become a better and stronger person or you become devastated and fall apart.

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Money involvement

Divorce does not come for free. There are legal costs you need to consider. One of these is the child support fee. Another is alimony. You also cannot ignore the lawyer’s fees. Your expenses will be greater when divorced than when you were still married. You will pay for separate lodgings instead of one. Preparing for individual meals will also be more costly than preparing for a couple. You used to share taking care of your children and can adjust your work schedule to meet his. You will have to sacrifice your time to work to care for your children. Or you will have to hire a nanny. No matter what you choose it will hurt your finances.

Effect on others

Divorce does not only affect the spouses. Aside from your children, it will have an effect on other people as well. It also affects your parents, siblings, friends and even co-workers. Most often than not, they will have to take sides. The relationship you have built together with these people will fall apart. You will have to start anew. Couples often feel more comfortable with other couples. You will start to feel awkward meeting with your couple friends unless you are gathering in a group.

The guilt

You will always wonder whether ending the marriage was the right decision. This gnawing feeling will always be there. Especially when you know you could have done better.  Knowing you could have saved the marriage will make you feel the guilt even more. Feeling guilty will lead to a loss of confidence. Our belief in ourselves is very affected. You will strive to seek to re-establish yourself.

The Vows

The most important reason for not getting a divorce. Remember the vows on your marriage day? You promised to stay together forever no matter what happens. Getting a divorce dishonors those vows. Those vows are promises of hope that you shatter once you decide to file for a divorce.

Consider all the consequences before you settle for a divorce. Are you ready to face all these? If you are, then you may contact your Houston divorce lawyer and get on with it.