Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney?


If you are suffering or have suffered an injury or trauma due to a car accident, there is a big chance that it comes to your mind whether to hire a personal injury lawyer or not. Ultimately, if a person suffered a severe injury or trauma, it is in their best interest to get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer.

According to CDCP or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more or less 80 million visits to health care facilities every year for road accidents, and at least 40 million people visit emergency rooms. If a person sustained injury severe enough to ask for medical treatment because of the negligence of another individual, you can file a lawsuit and ask for compensation.

In some cases, only experienced injury lawyers will be able to help victims get a settlement that they deserve for their injuries and losses. It is essential to know that most injury cases have at least two years of the statute of limitations, so you do not want to delay talking to a car accident personal injury attorney. There are specific signs that it might be the right time to speak to a lawyer that handles personal injury cases.

Signs that it might be the right time to talk to personal injury lawyers

You suffered severe trauma or injuries

There are a lot of things that can happen because of a car accident, but if you are suffering or you suffered a severe injury that prohibits you from doing your daily activities and minimizes your ability to work, maybe it is the right time to hire an injury legal counsel.

The amount of compensation the victim can receive will depend on how severe the injuries are, but an experienced injury lawyer can negotiate a reasonable settlement to help the victim cover the medical care, as well as during the recovery. If you are suffering, suffered, or recovering from a car accident, the last thing the victim need is additional pressure and stress trying to fight with insurance companies.

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You suffered or suffering disabling or permanent injuries

If you sustained trauma or injuries that will require you to undergo long-term care or it left you with a permanent disability, you need to discuss the case with an injury lawyer immediately. Determining the worth of your case is a little challenging because of the number of circumstances that need to be considered. A good lawyer can help the victim the most out of the lawsuit or claim.

Defective car parts caused the accident

If the accident was not due to the carelessness of the driver, could it be because of defective automobile parts that caused it? If that is the case, the car manufacturer will be liable for any damage incurred by their product. An injury lawyer can help victims navigate the legal system so that all the evidence will be taken into consideration.

Alcohol was involved in the accident

If you are involved in a vehicular accident that involved a driver under the influence of illegal substance or alcohol, the driver could be liable for all the property damages, trauma or injuries incurred during the accident. The lawyer can help you properly present your case in the court.

You are not receiving any compensation for the work time that you missed

Part of the compensation that you are qualified to receive would be compensations for lost wages if the injuries you incurred in the accident forced you to miss some work days. If the insurer is refusing to cover the salary when you had your time off, in the case, asking the help of a personal injury lawyer will be a big help.

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The insurance company or insurer is refusing to pay the claim that you filed

If the injuries you sustained are due to the carelessness of another driver, the insurance company must compensate the victim for their trauma or injuries. A lot of insurance companies may not be willing to give the compensation that you deserve because these companies are trying to minimize their payout as possible.

If the victim feels that the insurer’s settlement offer is not fair, they need to discuss the situation with an injury lawyer who will be able to negotiate with the insurer in the victim’s behalf to get the best possible settlement amount as possible.

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The victim had been exposed to toxic substances during the accident

This kind of case is very challenging and sometimes relies on the accounts of the expert witnesses, as well as scientific analysis. An experienced lawyer can help you find the necessary witness and evidence that can help you plead your case and get the best settlement that you deserve, as possible.

The liability is not clear

If the accident involved more than two-person, different parties could be liable for your trauma and injuries. In this case, insurance claims can be very difficult. In this kind of situation, you can also be deemed at fault by the insurance company, even if you were not entirely responsible. A personal injury lawyer can protect the victim against these counterclaims and help them get the necessary compensation for their injuries, as well as property damages.

You have your vehicle repair, as well as medical bills because of a car accident

Usually, a car accident causes severe injuries and even damages your car. If you are looking at notable medical bills, it is about time to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. If you are the victim of an accident, you do not have to cover the cost of vehicle repair and medical bills if you are not responsible.

A lot of people do not have the money to buy a new vehicle, especially if they are also paying the medical bills. They also do not have the right knowledge or time to negotiate with the other party involved in the accident or settle an insurance claim with the adjuster. Let your legal counsel to handle these types of stressful situation.