How does a personal injury lawyer gets paid by their clients? Find out here


You got injured in an accident, and the other person was at fault, and you think that you might have a case and have a consideration of suing the person responsible for your injuries.

However, you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, but you may have read some information that you can hire a personal injury attorney.

Why? This is because personal injury attorneys are often described as lawyers who do not get paid until they win the cause. Well, it is entirely true because if you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case, they cannot be paid until they win your case.

However, how do they get paid? Let us just say your personal injury claim has escalated to trial, and you were awarded a judgment for your medical expenses, the time, and the losses, and in all situations, the settlement check will be sent to your personal injury attorney where they will deduct all their fees and expenses from the amount and they will give you the rest of it.

The total amount that the attorney will be getting from you is from the signed agreement that you have had with your attorney, as they will discuss how the payment will work for them, and it can be done in two ways; which are Copies of records and reports, Legal research, Court costs like filing fees and deposition fees, Court reporting fees, Jury fees, Mileage and travel, Investigation fees, and Expert witness fees including the no win no fee.

For contingency feels, all the lawyers charge fees for the work that they do for you, however, personal injury attorneys work off as contingency fees which means that getting paid is contingent on the outcome of your case in the court. If you win a judgment or a settlement, then your attorney will receive a percentage of the entire amount that you are awarded. That percentage should be discussed and put into writing before you even begin working with your preferred personal injury attorney.

Usually, a contingency fee ranges from thirty-three-percent up to forty percent of the entire amount that is being rewarded by the client, while some cases, like medical malpractice which have caps in place, so you can only win a certain amount of the case. This may or cannot create an impact on the percentage a personal injury attorney charges for their service which is under contingency fee in that particular type of case.

Also, the other fee schedules are how the personal injury attorney can be paid for their service and it is also the most common method of payment from their clients. They can also have other ways to get paid based on their client’s financial situation and what they have agreed on.

They can be paid at an hourly rate where the lawyer charges you according to the time they spent, but this rarely happens while the mixed hourly and contingent where the two methods of payment are charged which can be deducted to the total amount of the award you receive if the attorney is able to win your case.