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Prenup and de facto relationships in Australia: a family lawyer’s story


Relationship of two person:

One of the stories we discussed is about two people whose relationship depends on a few years. FridenShawkat was a Turkish woman who immigrants in Turkish to Australia. She has no fear to talk about the money because she has enough income and finances to eat food and bear the expenses.

 There living relationship is just for two and a half year. Thus, when she and her partner have to talk about moving in Sydney then she has no problem to move the other country and no issue to manage the idea of a Prenup. She thinks that it was not awkward and not romantic. It was practical. She earns money and do hard work in the last two years, she was a encouraged women to take the advance financial position.

She says that she was extremely sincere about the agreement of a Prenup. Firstly, she takes it as a joke but sometime spending this agreement got more serious. She said to her partner that you sign in this agreement if you are not signed in this agreement then we break up and live together no more.

Family Lawyer:

Shawkat was a lawyer. She was experienced 15 years working as a family lawyer. She got the cases of which people who’re those people have not feeling well in their palace and deals with the protection of the resources.

“Particularly, she was so precisely”.

Peoples sayto her that what you say about love and trust in two persons. Why are you suspicious about the relationship and why you thinking about relationship end before itgo to start? She gives the answer to the questions which peoples asked her. She gives the answer in good words that because I am an Australian family lawyer and I know about the different cases of the relationship. I know better how to prevent and claim the people.

family law

Still, in a tough time of her present relationship, she was very feeling suspicious herself weak because she did not want to leave her partner. Now she was in the age of 44, she leaves his toothbrush at her impartial Apartments out of concerns that it may be used as the facts of a de facto relationship.

The law of Australian, the Court of the family making orders on resources if two peoples are living together for two years.

She says about her relationship that I am not comfortable and I don’t like to live with him. My relationship is going no more. She says that I clearly talked about the resources like house, stuffed and car.

After many times, the Shavket partner is sign up in the agreement of Prenup. He thinks that his partner has full encouraged. But she was no admit to live and spend with her partner.

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