Legal Heir

A complete guide to avail Legal Heir certificate online


When someone in the family passes away, their investments, shares and properties are required to be passed on to a living person who is related to him or her. That’s where you need a legal heir certificate to prove that you are a legitimate heir of the deceased person. The certificate generally consists of the information of the name, age and the nature of association with the deceased person and the marital status of the living family members.

You have to be either the husband or wife or son or daughter of the deceased to be the legal heir. But before issuing for the certificate, you need to show the proof of death or death certificate of the deceased person.

One should not confuse between legal heir certificate and succession as the two are different processes. Succession certificate is only available to the legal heir after the certificate is granted. Applying and obtaining the legal heir certificate is a simple process. To apply, the district Tahsildar has to be approached with the death certificate, or you can fill up the application form online.

How to apply online for a Legal Heir Certificate?

Now, the process of applying has become easier with the onset of government service portals. There are websites designed for the purpose of digital application forms for all types of government services. You can go to any government service portal and search for your application form. They will give you a downloadable PDF file.

The next step is for you to download the PDF file and make a print out of it. After printing it out, you have to fill in the details that are needed. You can also avail the service of Legal heir certificate with MyAdvo as they can clear all your doubts regarding online application process. The online process saves you time and is smoother.

Documents required for Legal Hire Certificate

  • Rs 20 affidavit on a stamp paper
  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Full name of the deceased
  • Birth proof of all legal heir
  • Address proof of all legal heir
  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Rs 2 stamp paper
  • Address proof of the deceased
  • Self-undertaking

Legal Heir

Procedure after application

After filling up the application form, you have to submit it along with the necessary documents to the Taluka’sTahsildar. A verification takes place to check the authenticity of the information after the form is submitted. It will be conducted by revenue officers and village administrative officials.

When the verification is done, the officers will submit their report of the inquiry. After all of this is done, the authorities will issue your certificate with the names of the legal heirs. It is going to take you around 15-30 days to complete the whole process starting from application to the issuance of the certificate.

If there is ever a case where you see that the certificate has not been issued within a reasonable amount of time, you can give further notice to the Tahsildar. If even that does not work, you can contact the sub-collector or RDO of your concerning area.