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Tips from Phoenix to Avail Guardianship and EPA in Hong Kong


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Breaking news for Hong Kong residents! If you are looking to sign a temporary or permanent guardianship then better gather some info from https://www.phoenix-wills.com/guardianship/ before you go for legal custody as this process takes time when you are looking to extend your family. In the same way, a Power of Attorney is given to anybody who can sign contracts on your behalf when he/she cannot make himself/herself available at the time of buying or selling the property. If you are looking for an enduring POA,then do visit the website of https://www.phoenix-wills.com/enduring-power-of-attorney/ that will help you how to act purely at your discretion only when you are rational enough to take independent decisions. If any queries related to guardianship and the enduring power of attorney, then please contact the supporting team of Phoenix Wills who will guide you on how to proceed further in a short period.

Benefits of Hiring Phoenix Professionals:

Phoenix is into the service of humankind who are unable to manage their personal affairs due to lack of time, once the person is sure how to proceed then he can appoint any person of his/her choice as an Enduring Power of Attorney. There is no doubt that he is like an ordinary Power of Attorney. The person who is not stable with his sound mental health, finding difficulty to act independently and unable to judge the value of his assets then ordinary POA will not work for him. Let’s see how Phoenix came into the light to support such individuals.

Hong Kong residents

As we know the rules for guardianship and EPA vary from country to country, it is thus mandatory to seek professional assistance like Phoenix Wills of Hong Kong who has years of experience in law to offer you a right suggestion when needed — reaching them will benefit you on how to overcome the situation of signing an EPA. For example,when a person is incapable of thinking clearly and unable to make rational decisions due to significant illness or injury followed by an accident or considerable stroke or brain damage. Then it is imperative to have an Enduring Power of Attorney to support your family. Once signed your Enduring Power of Attorney along with your Will it should be kept safe until the time appointed by your attorney needs to register himself with the courts for it to take legal effect.

Any child under the age of 18 must have an adult who is responsible for them. If parents die in an accident, if there is a Will, then we hope that the deed of appointment of a legal guardian is included. It is possible to make an appointment of guardians by an act just like a Will. But it will not deal with the disposition of assets and setting up financial arrangements to provide for the children and their guardians.

For example, the families who are staying overseas and isolated from their own families are at higher risk than the joint families who take care of each other’s children. Hence to secure the life of a child and outline the financial arrangement we recommend having both the documents in place to ensure that the children are taken care of by the guardians and the assets are made available for the children’s upbringing and their educational costs.


Give a phone call to Phoenix Wills and solve your guardianship and power of attorney problem at once. Because they are specialized to cater to the needs of such people who cannot take independent decisions concerning legal custody of any child until they turn major at the age of 18+. Similarly, the whole property cannot belong to him/her until an enduring power of attorney is duly signed and attested by a registered solicitor.