Why You Should Watch Out For Big Lorries on the Road…


Accidents involving big lorries are thankfully quite rare, but when they do occur, they are can lead to some serious consequences. A fully loaded18-wheel lorrycan weigh around 80,000 pounds, which is a tremendous weight. If this sort of weight were to be involved in a crash, there will likely be many serious injuries and possibly deaths. This is especially likely when the lorry collides with a family car or an SUV.

Whilst the large size and weight of these lorries is the main concern, attention should also be paid to the hazardous load that the lorry may be carrying. As an example, an 18-wheeled lorry can hold approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel, if it is carrying gasoline. If the tank becomes compromised and damaged during a crash, the fuelwill more often than not spill onto the road and cause a large fire. Whenfires involving fuel take place, they can be difficult to put out.

Thankfully, to guard against these accidents, there are some laws in place which are able togovern where truck drivers can and cannot drive. If these truck driversfail to follow these local laws, they will be in serious trouble. Drivers will likely be found of behaving negligently if they are involved in a crash, causing destruction or injury, in a place they weren’t supposed to be driving.

You Must Recognize the Dangers

As a driver, you must acknowledge the dangers of driving alongside big lorries, especially when these lorries are carrying potentially hazardous materials. We would recommend that you allow extra room when driving close to a big lorry to maximize safety.

For those of you who are unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident with a big lorry, try to avoid going back to the crash site once you have removed yourself from the vehicle. It is important to get as far away from the truck as you can, as there could be risks of explosion or other collisions. If you see smoke or flames emanating from any of the vehicles involved, make sure you warn other road users and get everyone out of there.

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