What is the procedure to file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?


If you have little property and can’t make money to repay your debt, then you are able to file for bankruptcy in court. Many people ask, “Can i file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?” Filing for bankruptcy saves you money on attorney fees, but it is a serious undertaking. To file the case, you need to submit all your financial documentation, file a lot of paperwork and communicate with the court.

You will need time to understand the case procedure as well as the applicable federal law. You should also follow the following steps to file your bankruptcy case:

Determine whether your income meets the mean test

When planning to file bankruptcy without a lawyer, the first step is to conduct a means test to determine whether you are eligible to file the case. The government provides the federal form, which is also available online in a streamlined version, to conduct the test. The test has some basic questions, like,

  • Monthly income
  • You debt
  • Total family members

3 Reasons To File For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process is simple to run on your own if you meet the following requirements, such as

  • Own assets
  • The family’s income is lower than the state median.
  • There is no history of accusations or fraud.

Collect your credit reports

The next step in the case is to collect the credit reports from all the credit bureaus. You need to get reports from all three offices. If you fail to report a debt that you purchased, it will not be discharged in bankruptcy.

Complete the paperwork

Filling out the bankruptcy form is complicated, and it takes more time when you are doing it by yourself. Download the bankruptcy form to save time and reduce stress. Submit the paperwork to the court, including all of your documents and forms. Failure to complete the work correctly also results in the dismissal of your bankruptcy case.

Attend the meeting of creditors

You need to take part in the meeting with creditors on the scheduled date, and you need to answer the standard questions they ask about your case. You will only be signed if the answer is truthful and acceptable.

Can i file for bankruptcy without a lawyer? Yes, when you complete the post-filing personal financial management instruction course within 45 days of your meeting with creditors. After completing the course you can get result of your case about bankruptcy.